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10 tips for street photographers

Street photography images
On the streets of Cape Town.

Image: Juhan Kuus

 One of my favourite things is prowling the streets, shooting pictures of the people who use them. Freezing in time a moment in someone's life is an awesome privilege and though, at that moment, the snapping of the photograph may seem little more than a pleasant pastime, it is, in fact, more than that.
 The images you shoot showing daily life today, will have historical significance in the future. Maybe not for the world or mankind, but for your children, grandchildren and future generations you'll never meet. They'll explain who you were and perhaps who they are. They show your world, what attracted you in it and perhaps, how you responded to it.
 A picture shot on the streets of your town that, today you may think mundane and every-day, will, in the future give context to your life, your values and the values of future viewers.
 But street photography is not always easy to do.
 Below are 10 tips that will help aspirant street photographers. The original article is written by Pau Ll. Buscató, a street photographer based out of Barcelona, Spain, now roaming the streets of Oslo, Norway. It appeared on the Eyeem blog. It is worth reading as it fills in some of the blanks.

  1. Avoid gear distractions
  2. Always have a camera with you
  3. Read good literature and visit museums
  4. Make you own luck
  5. Work the scene
  6. Trust your instincts
  7. Observe
  8. Be obsessed
  9. Train your eye
  10. Keep business cards on you

Bonus tip: Buy a good pair of walking shoes.

Street photography images


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Street photography images

Street photography images
Street photography images


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