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"I became interested in Christianity at high school, after a friend invited me to church and, at age 17, I became a committed Christian and have been a member of that particular Apostolic Faith Mission church ever since.

"After high school I became involved in youth politics and headed up the local branch of the ANC Youth League. But my life changed and took a completely different course when I attended a workshop on how to care for AIDS patients.

"I was assigned to an older man who had developed full-blown AIDS.

 "I cared for him for six months until he died, I washed him every day, fed him and took care of him in whatever way I could. In that household, I became the mother, father and pastor and, when he died, I buried him and preached at his funeral.

 "I think we were paid in the region of R50 (about $6) per month, but I didn't care. I loved helping and caring for people." (140618)

Street photography South Africa.