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"On a Sunday morning in 2006, my life changed forever when I was shot in an altercation and paralyzed  from the waist down.

"When I came round in the hospital and discovered I could move my arms and hands, I decided then I would get on with my life.

"It wasn't easy. I went from being a 26 year-old guy with my own business and house, to moving back in and being taken care of by my parents.

"But I believe a greater power had a hand in my life and I was in fact given a wake-up call. If my life'd continued as it was before I was shot, I've probably would've drank myself to death or been killed in a car accident.

"I never believed any girl would be interested in someone in a wheelchair but I ended up meeting and marrying a wonderful woman and we are planning a family.

"I've become a better person. I now treasure the little moments in life and the things I once took for granted." (140631)

Street photography South Africa