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Student, Johannesburg

"I was born in Zimbabwe but both my parents died before I was 12. My sister took care of me but, when political upheavals caused the schools in our area to shut and conditions became very bad, we slipped into South Africa and lived as illegal immigrants. For two years we lived in Mpumalanga and I did not go to school. When I moved to Johannebsurg I resumed my schooling but was a long way behind the other kids. But I worked very hard, caught up and matriculated last year.

 "There is no doubt, the incident that changed the course of my life took place on a Monday afternoon, when my best friend persuaded me to accompany her to a meeting run by a Christian NGO. They took me under their wing, helped me get an ID and become a legal resident and have since arranged financial support so I can study at a tertiary institution.

 "I'm doing really well and next year will qualify with a diploma in Human Resources."


Street photography South Africa

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