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"I grew up without a father and my mother died when I was 13 leaving me to care for myself and my little brother. My mom's family live in Mozambique. We had no-one here, so we had no option but to fend for ourselves.

"It was incredibly tough. Neighbours tried to help where they could but most of the time we had no groceries or money. But I was determined I'd maintain our home - a one-roomed shack - and that my brother and I would live normal lives.

"My school results suffered and on occasion I missed exams when my brother became ill and I had to stay home and care for him. In 2010 I suffered a minor stroke that doctors believe was the result of stress.

"But help came when a Christian NGO came knocking on our door. They basically saved our lives. Every day we got a hot meal and they helped us get the paper-work sorted so we could apply for a social grant. They also gave us a monthly food parcel and school uniforms at the beginning of each year.

"Last year I matriculated with good marks and enrolled in a college but was pregnant at the time. My son was born two months ago and I've had to drop my studies for the time-being but I'm grateful his dad is providing support." (140702)

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