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Businessman, Johannesburg

"My father came to this country as a 14 year-old boy from Greece in 1928 and could speak no English at all. But he put all his efforts in learning to read write and speak it. 

"He worked for Greek cafe owners and then, together with his brother and a policeman from Greece, formed a company that owned some old-fashioned cafes.

"In 1936 he introduced American-style soda fountains that exploded in popularity. In 1974 we opened a roadhouse that is still something of an institution and although my dad died 12 years ago he set the foundation for my success in business.

"He taught me two lessons that I carry with me in life. He always said: 'look after your name. If you lose all your money you can always make it back but if you lose your good name it's gone for ever!'

"And he also said: 'Remember, money speaks all languages!'"


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