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Taxi driver Johannesburg

"The taxi business is very difficult at the moment and only the strongest, if any will survive. I've been here since 07h30 this morning and it's now 11h30 and I haven't had a single fare.

"If I'm lucky I may get two R80 fares today and if you think about it, when you factor in the costs of maintaining and running a taxi, I'll come out with less than a guy who works in a garden - and he will likely get fed as well.

"It's difficult to make R1000 a week nowadays. In the past we used to make that in a day. There were two killer blows for us. First the arrival of the Gautrain which devasted our airport/city business and then the fact hotels started operating their own, free, shuttle-busses now. Those vehicles are often operated by big transport companies so little guys like us have been cut out.

"And because we up don't get to pick up clients from the hotels we don't get to interact with them and turn them into repeat business.

"I have no choice but to survive. There are five mouths I must feed and house and I'm 52 years-old - what company is going to hire me now?"


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