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40 ways to be a better photographer - a cheat sheet

 I came across an article, by New York-based photographer Todd Vorenkamp where he shares 44 helpful tips you can use to improve the quality of your photography.
 It is definitely worth checking out as he goes into a fair amount of detail and explanation.

 I pretty well agree with everything he says and put together a quick cheat sheet based on his article. In essence, it is the same with one or two personal tweaks and a bonus tip I added.
 If you apply these tips, you are guaranteed to become a better photographer.

  1.   Shoot every day
  2.   Always have your camera near
  3.   Read your manual
  4.   Check your settings / know your gear before you go out shooting.
  5.   Change perspective / angle
  6.   Know your meter
  7.   Know your shooting/exposure modes. You don't always have to use "manual."
  8.   Know your focus modes
  9.   Study photos—but not too much
  10.   Read photo books
  11.   Learn and attend workshops
  12.   Use your histogram
  13.   Shoot RAW,highest-resolution Jpeg or film
  14.   Compose meticulously
  15.   Pay attention to symmetry
  16.   Pay attention to the frame edges
  17.   Pay attention to the background
  18.   Get closer
  19.   Slow down
  20.   Use a tripod
  21.   Practice good technique
  22.   Look for light
  23.   Embrace shade
  24.   Have patience. Wait for the moment.
  25.   Know the rules and break them
  26.   Know your lenses
  27.   Don't overload your camera-bag. Too much choice can strangle your creativity.
  28.   Know your surroundings
  29.   Know the weather
  30.   Celestial awareness
  31.   Analyze your old images
  32.   Try a prime lens
  33.   Undertake a photographic project
  34.   See the small parts of a scene
  35.   Be critical in your editing
  36.   Develop a style
  37.   Improve yourself not your equipment
  38.   Stay in the moment
  39.   Constantly seek out images
  40.   Have fun

 Bonus: 41: Capturing the image is more important than the tool used to capture it.


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