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6 posing tips for awesome portraits

Posing tips for portraits

Keep the head straight and avoid complicated posing instructions. (Image: MyPhotoSchool)

  I would guess, people use their cameras to shoot portraits more than they do for anything else.
 A great portrait is a wonderful thing. If done properly, it captures far more than just the likeness of the subject. A good portrait gives insight into who the subject is, and how he or she relates, not just to the photographer but also to the rest of the world. It can become an heirloom that tells family members, some not yet even born, where they come from and why they are who they are.
 Whole books have been written about 'how to take a good portrait photograph' but I found a short article by MyPhotoSchool that will instantly lift the quality of your portraits and help with the posing of the subject.
 Titled "Easy posing guide for better portraits", Geoff Harris offers 6 posing tips for better portraits.

6 portrait posing tips

 Without rehashing the article - it is well worth reading the original - Harris says:
  1. Keep the head straight and avoid complicated posing instructions,
  2. Get them to relax their shoulders,
  3. Control eye contact - if the subject feels a bit shy, maybe suggest they look at the name of the camera make just above the lens (if you are using an SLR) rather than directly at you,
  4. Scan for stray hairs and other distractions,
  5. Don't break the line of the face - try to keep the nose within the line of the subject’s far cheek. In other words, the nose doesn’t break the line of the face as it curves around,
  6. Use props and keep the hands busy.

 In the original article Harris goes into much more detail and presents a number of illustrative examples. Be sure to check them out.
 The take-away message for me is to take time to really look at the image through the viewfinder and to think about it before tripping the shutter.

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