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Welcome to JoziFolk.

Every day, we South Africans pass by, giving each other scarcely a glance. But we all have lives, dreams, families, fears and opinions. We are strangers and have lost the spirit of community we once had and, with our self-imposed sense of personal isolation, we've grown to fear and distrust each other. We apply labels to ourselves and others...become "us" and "them" and, in the process, become emotionally impoverished.

We hand the car guard a few coins to watch our car and go on our way, with no idea of who she is, what her life is like, or how she ended up there. And ignorance breeds fear and contempt. If we took the time to get to know each other, our lives would be enriched and many of our terrors would evaporate like mist on a summer morning.

That is what JoziFolk is about. It was initially confined to telling the stories of the people of greater Johannesburg - or Jozi as some call it - but, demand from the rest of the country caused the decision to be made to allow "out-of-towners" to participate. JoziFolk is about learning about the people who occupy this piece of Africa and drawing back the curtain of isolation that hides us, in full view, from each other.

It's about learning about South African culture, what has shaped us and why we are the way we are - the news behind the news in South Africa. The stories and portraits of real South Africans and every now and then, places and events in South Africa.

It's about actively getting to know people - even if we never meet them in person!