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 "We moved from the city to the country a few years ago and there are some things we miss. Country-living does not offer us everything we want but we have friends in Johannesburg who we visit when we really crave the city.
 "But there are wonderful advantages to living here. I work as a school teacher in town about 40km away and often, on my commute, see giraffe, kudu, monkeys and baboons."

Pic: Joy Webber


"The car is not mine but one day...

"If I was running the country I'd change the focus from BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) to promoting and doing everything possible to build and develop small businesses."


This shot was taken by my mate, and fine photographer, Gavin Almeida.
 The man was on his way from Vanderbijlpark to Pretoria with his dog, to collect an "inheritance".
 The vehicle has been his home for three months, has three wheels at the back and is powered by a motor from a concrete mixer. His dog died on the trip.
What are the top three items on your bucket list?

"To visit Paris with my husband, to dive the Great Barrier Reef and to do a tandem parachute jump.
"You have to have a dream in life."


"Do I look strong in my new jersey?"


"I work for an organisation that deals with abused women and children. Abuse is a huge problem in this country and kids need to be taught from an early age, what is appropriate adult behaviour and what is not."

I photographed this WW2-era Bofors anti-aircraft gun, a couple of years ago, after I came across it in the bush on the outskirts of town. Apparently it was on the grounds of what was once a MOTH Shellhole but the buildings are long gone and the land was completely overgrown.
A week later mine management removed the gun and it was cut up for scrap. What a shame!

 Portrait of Lena, a dear woman who worked for us for many years and helped raise my children. I did this portrait not too long before she died.

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Do you think there is a future for your kids in South Africa?

 "That changes from day to day. It depends on the news reported. As a white person I sometimes feel helpless. For example, my dad and I are are working day and night to build up a business. We've put everything into it but BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) legislation means we'll effectively have to give away 25% of the business if we want to keep doing business with some of our customers.

 "It also means many of our smartest kids can't get jobs in their own country and leave.

 "I try to stay positive but it's hard. With all the legislation and compliance requirements, it's difficult to do business. So yes, I do often think my kids could be better off overseas. We love this country but we don't feel secure."


Pic: Joy Webber

What do you need to do within the next few months to change your life?

"Get a distinction in my university units so I can get a bursary. That way I won't have to ask my parents for money. I also need to get a job so I can buy a car."

 "The biggest problem I see facing South Africa is racism and xenophobia and I can't see that changing in the near future.
 "But I have hope. The xenophobic attacks in Durban are terrible but, at the same time, people have rallied together and provided help and support for the foreigners.
 "We need to come together and to pray together."

"We're selling cold drinks to help raise cash for our feeding schemes and other projects. It's very hot so it looks as though we'll have a good day."

Happiness is being given a jersey and beanie knitted with love!

 "I am part of an NGO that provides home-based care for the sick and also feeds hundreds of under-privileged school kids every day.
 "We get government funding for our work but still need to raise additional funds. For the past few years we've taken a cold drink stall at the annual Randfontein Show to help boost our coffers.
 "I'm hoping we'll get hot weather."

I came across this APC in an open lot just outside Randfontein a few years ago. It was on the overgrown grounds of what was once a MOTH Shellhole but the buildings had long-since been demolished. A week after I photographed it, it was removed by the mine and cut up as scrap metal.
It's a great shame more importance is not put on preserving our history.


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