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9 Ways to know if you are you a good photographer

I came across an article titled: "Are you a good photographer? Nine ways to tell" that raised some interesting points.

Nowadays it would seem everyone considers themselves a good photographer, just as everyone considers themselves a good driver. But what is a good photographer and how do you know if you are one? A good photographer can't just be someone who slaps a copyright symbol followed by the inscription, "Joe Bloggs Photography" on the images he posts on Facebook. Neither does the possession of the latest, greatest camera and lens costing what it would take to feed a small African village automatically make one a good photographer.

The author says you know you're a good photographer when:

  1. You delete fewer shots for technical reasons but rather reject pictures for aesthetic reasons, whether that’s because the composition was too loose or too tight, a person’s expression wasn’t quite right or the timing of the shot was slightly off.
  2. You don’t care what camera you’re using.
  3. You get angry when you don’t have a camera with you.
  4. You worry about light and constantly ask yourself questions like: If the light isn’t good enough quality – either too soft or too hard for the look you want to create – how can you improve things? If there’s not enough light, what camera settings can you use to give you a more useful exposure?
  5. You appreciate a photo before looking at the EXIF. When you become a good photographer you worry more about the "why" than the "how" of a photograph.
  6. You’re more selective about which photos you show people.
  7. You wait longer to take a photo.
  8. You look at the background before you look at the subject.
  9. You know the difference between a great view and a great photograph.

I think the writer has got it right. How about you?

Read the complete, original, article here.



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