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 June 2015

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Braving the traffic. West Rand

Girls just wanna have fun! Roodepoort.
Mobile generation. Randfontein

Just having fun. Roodepoort

 "I hope the bidding doesn't go too high."

 Auction, West Rand.


Everyone's just trying to survive. Johannesburg


School's out! West Rand.

Once one of the most prosperous towns in South Africa, Randfontein is today a dim shadow of its former glory days. The gold mines have all been worked out and many of the buildings simply abandoned.

Wine festival. Magaliesburg

Wine festival. Magaliesburg

Chicken griller. Fordsburg, Johannesburg.

Restaurant diners. Northern suburbs, Johannesburg.

Chinese shopkeeper. Johannesburg

"My life didn't turn out according to the script. If it had, I would own a publishing empire nowadays and, as you know, I don't."

Pavement entrepreneurs. Johannesburg

Hopscotch lesson. Greenside, Johannesburg.

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Hard life. Randfontein


Voortrekker Monument, Pretoria

Pavement sweet treats. Fordsburg, Johannesburg.

Lunch time. Roodepoort

Charity knitting event, Randfontein.

"How about some chesanyama* my, Bra? It's very lekker!"


*Hot, barbequed meat.
"The stove is over 100 years-old and used everyday."

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 "I cook and care for my 87 year-old mom and make soup and help the grannies in my community. Sometimes I am forced to hire a car to get them to the clinic or church.
 "My dream is to get my driver's licence and then somehow find a way to own a car."

Wine festival. Magaliesburg

Small business. Krugersdorp.

Mohlakeng granny knitting for the less fortunate.

And while we're on the theme of restaurant diners: Greenside, Johannesburg.

Restaurant diners. Randfontein, West Rand.

 "If I can help one person a day who then says: 'I feel better', I've had an amazing day!
 "Every day I must ensure the 12 health counselors who report to me know exactly where they need to go and what is required of them.
 "We work both on the streets and at company's premises. For example, sometimes we set up gazebos, testing and counseling facilities at taxi ranks.
 "Many people avoid going for testing at clinics, as they are apprehensive about seeing someone who knows them.
 "But, because we test for multiple conditions, including sugar diabetes and high blood pressure, not just HIV - and we guarantee absolute confidentiality - people are happy to come to us."


Coconut seller. Fordsburg, Johannesburg.


Fordsburg, Johannesburg.



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