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Neill Soden - a talented Jozi documentary photographer 


An image from Johannesburg photographer, Neill Soden's Unacquainted Series. 

 Every now and then I have the good fortune to stumble across a photographer producing astonishing work. Such a person is Johannesburg photographer, Neill Soden. 

 It came as a surprise to learn he is not a full-time pro photographer, as his work easily competes with the best. He earns his daily crust in the IT industry.

 His "Unacquainted" project has similarities to JoziFolk but takes more of a fine-art approach.

 "I've been shooting since 2006 with a very strong history of photography in the family. I started with my first DSLR in 2006 but now shoot primarily with the mirrorless range of cameras," he says.

 "I can’t pinpoint what exactly it was that really drew me to photography. The passion really only took hold, quite late in life. My grandfather was an avid photographer and when I was growing up, my dad used to show us slides of their days in the Belgium Congo. I still have some of them and, not too long ago, found a photo of my grandfather taking a self portrait with a rangefinder Leica. This was around the same time I got my Fujifilm X100S and it’s like we've come full circle. 

 "I had the honour of joining the Fujifilm X-Photographers and have enjoyed the whole environment of the X-Series cameras," says Neill. "Lately I've mostly been focusing on some street and evironmental portraiture, also shoot a lot of family shoots in natural light with my wife."


Neill Soden's "Unacquainted" images can be viewed here.



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