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 October 2014

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"When I'm sad or feeling down I listen to music. Mostly R&B and Hip Hop.
"In five years time I plan to own my own advertising agency."


What are you reading?

"Harry Potter. I've read them all and am now reading them to my four year-old son.

"I read constantly, it's one of the great pleasures of my life."

Who is your favourite author? 

"Jonathon Kellerman."


"I was at sea on the fishing boats for over 20 years but the new, government fishing-quotas made sure many boats simply stopped going out.

"I lost my eye to a fishing gaff. I moved up here to find work but everyone takes one look at me and there is suddenly no job.

"Now I sleep on the streets and survive any way I can."


What makes you happiest in life?

"Spending time with my family. I love doing things like going to the zoo and playing soccer with my kids.

"I'm also passionate about photography and shoot weddings on the side."


What is the secret to happiness?

"Money and girls!" 


"I'm originally from Argentina and have been in South Africa for nine years now. I left Argentina when the economy collapsed there.

"My father was a painter and builder, so I started a painting company here. Business is good. I am very glad I decided to move here."


"I'm a big Springbok rugby supporter. I grew up in the North West where the Afrikaners taught me the game and I grew to love it.

"When I was younger I played scrum-half."

Do you think we can beat the All Blacks on Saturday?

"Without a doubt!"



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What would you do if you won the Lotto?

"I'd start my own band and record company. I'm studying IT at the moment because my Mom told me music is much too risky.

"I always listen to my Mom, I grew up a good boy!"


"I'm an IT student at the moment. When I'm done I'd like to visit Silicon Valley.

"I believe the way we can make South Africa better is to bring technology to the people. Everyone should have access to and understand the power of the Internet."


She: "No, we're not a couple. We're students studying Interior Design."

How's it going?

He: "It's a three year course and we're only in our first year but it's awesome!" 

When you're done, what do you intend to do with your lives?

She: "I want to travel. I especially want to see Greece. I love the aesthetics and the blues and whites there."

He: "I also want to travel but I want to go to Australia. I'm fascinated with the buildings and architecture there."


 "I worked as a mechanic for years but then the workshop shut down and, because I never had papers, I could not find new work.

"And when I did manage to get an interview, they always wanted a phone number where they can call me. I am homeless. I don't have a phone and can't afford a cellphone."

I see you wear a wedding ring, are you married? 

"I was married but on 16 July last year the place we were living in caught fire and my wife and children were burned to death. It was in the newspaper.

"Since then I've had to live on the streets. At night I sleep at the garage by the roadhouse."


"I came here from Zimbabwe 12 years ago where I worked as a primary school teacher.

"I haven't been able to get a teaching-job because my papers aren't in order, so I survive doing piece jobs like gardening.

"I long to return home and have high hopes that one day I will be able to. I'm just trying to build up some capital so I can go back and start something.

"It'll probably be a hairdressing salon. My mother was a hairdresser and I learned from her.

"When you're away from your roots there is always something missing. Your heart is always with the people left behind."


"I'm just sitting here waiting for the tailor to repair my trousers. Is this photo going to be in the newspaper? I hope so. My friends will think I'm famous."


"I left Australia and came to Africa over 50 years ago and have never been back or wanted to do so.

"I got to do things here I could never have done anywhere else."


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