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Submit your street portraits and become famous! 

Read this BEFORE submitting your photos!

Here's your chance to become insanely famous - well amongst your friends and family at least! No payment, just the chance to showcase your work and tell the stories of  South Africans.

Become a JoziFolk stringer.

To say the reaction to JoziFolk has been nothing short of phenomenal, is an understatement. And though readers have been enthusiastic about the photographs and the stories of the people I've photographed many readers have indicated they would like to be part of the fun and want to submit photographs and accompanying stories of people they photographed.

So I figured, why not? Let's give it at try.

Do you have to be a professional photographer to take part? Nope. The only requirement is a good, interesting, photograph and story.

 So here are the rules, if you want to submit street portraits you shot:

  1. By submitting an image and the accompanying story, you certify that you are the author of that image and the person photographed gave his/her permission to be photographed by you and further gave permission for the image to be submitted to
  2. Photographs and text must be submitted by email. Email them to
  3. Images can be black and white or colour but I reserve the right to convert colour images to black and white.
  4. Images must be submitted as Jpgs. In landscape format the widest point must be 1024pixels and 100dpi. If your image is in portrait format the height must be 768pixels and 100dpi.
  5. Save all images so they are between 200kb and 400kb in size.
  6. Larger images suck up my monthly data and will be deleted without opening them.
  7. You retain ownership of your images but give me the right to publish them on JoziFolk as well as social media platforms, for the purpose of promoting JoziFolk and increasing site visitors.
  8. I reserve the right not to use any image, for any reason whatsoever. 
  9. Images will be loaded onto according to my publishing schedule and I give no undertaking of time frames as to when they will be published. 
  10. Each image published will feature on an index-style page and also a page of its own.
  11. Photographers will be credited for their work and back links to your website or Facebook, Instagram, Flikr or Pinterest page etc. will be included. Only one link, so please choose what it is to be and include it in your submission email.
  12. Do not include branding, eg. "Fred Bloggs Photography" or "Copyright Fred Bloggs" etc on your photograph. There is already a copyright notice on the site and credits and back links will be given as per point 11.
  13. No fancy frames, montages or other special effects. JoziFolk is primarily a photojournalistic-style site.
  14. JoziFolk is about people. We are not going to publish pictures of buildings, old cars etc. Study the site and see what it is that we do. And no, we don't take short stories (I actually was sent one for publication.)
  15. Acceptance of any image should not be construed as your being employed or a representative of JoziFolk.
  16. No names, nudity, revenge pics of your ex or anything that's going to potentially land us in hot water and legal wrangles.
  17. I reserve the right to shut down this section of the website at anytime.


What is the definition of Greater Johannesburg?

It's loose. Pretty well from Westonaria on the west, through to Springs in the east. Subjects can be visiting, once have lived there, done business there, have family there etc. We're pretty flexible and the truth is, I'm much more interested in interesting subjects and stories than geographical location. And we now cater to the whole of South Africa through the "Out-of-Towners" section.

Is there any payment?

No. You will however be credited and back links to your website etc. will be included, resulting in fame and fortune seeking you out.

Where do I start? I don't feel comfortable talking to strangers.

Start with your family. Talk to the person filling your fuel tank. Your hairdresser, you get the idea. EVERYONE IS IMPORTANT AND HAS A STORY. Remember, people who are familiar to you, are strangers to us. 

Where do I need to email my submissions?

Send them to

What sizes must the images be?

See points 3 to 6 above.

I'm not sure how to get people talking or what to ask them, do you have any suggestions?

Here is a list of 30 questions. Of course you can ask anything else. 

How long should the stories be?

Try to keep them not longer than four paragraphs. Make sure you quote them correctly. People hate being misquoted.

I'm shy how do I approach strangers?

Just walk up to them. Smile and tell them what you are doing and ask if they mind if you take their picture. Almost no-one will refuse. You can also read this article and check the list of articles about photographic techniques and skills.

Be sure to take a look at these recommended books selected to help you boost your skills, learn new techniques and maybe start your own photography business.