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The Rules of Composition for Street Photographers 


Eric Kim is a young man who has successfully made a career out of street photography and through a combination of talent, study and smart, self-promotion, is justifiably seen as an authority on the subject.

When WiFi SD Card Maker EyeFi teamed up with marketing agency, Evolve! to find out who the 30 most influential photographers across social media are, Kim made the list.

 Today he is a sought-after street photography coach, who has conducted workshops in 15 countries to hundreds of students.

Kim recently made available on Slideshare, the full presentation he used in his "Introduction to Composition for Street Photography" talk at Gulf Photo Plus 2014. The 136-slide presentation is a wonderful resource to both aspirant and experienced street photographers and provides examples for analyzing and dissecting a photograph.

And, while I sometimes believe there is often an over-emphasis on following the rules of composition, to the point of ignoring the contents and intent of the photograph, they should be understood and followed, where appropriate.

Kim covers the basic ‘rules,’ such as leading lines and the rule of thirds, but towards the end, the slideshow dives into more intricate framing techniques, blending together and breaking the ‘rules’ we’ve all come to know.

Check out the presentation and also head over to his site where there is much to consider and chew on.